Shed Your Digital Weight: A Seven-Step Liberation Guide

Emrah Önder
7 min readApr 8, 2024

When I got up one day and sat in front of the computer to work, I noticed that my surroundings had changed into a digital dump.


I realised that, like a hoarder house, my computer and phone were surrounded by mountains of accumulated rubbish.

While thinking about minimalism and zero waste, I am stuck in digital waste and spend some time trying to manage it.

Then I stopped and thought about it. I put the following steps into practice. I hope these help you get rid of yours too.

Step 1: Email stacks

When I was studying at university, the capacity of online email services was not more than a few MB, so I had to delete everything unnecessary. Then Gmail came along with a 1GB capacity and the game changed completely :)

I realized that I kept all the necessary or unnecessary things. In other words, what exactly can “the check-in message of the plane ticket from five years ago” or “the -we couldn’t find you at home- message from the post companies eight years ago” help me exactly?



Emrah Önder

A Passionate Computer Engineer From Arnhem, the Netherlands